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Meet David Summerbell

David Summerbell (Coulson) is a full-time blogger, content creator, social media manager, and SEO specialist with a decade of experience. When I was a child, I had 4 dreams, to be a video game developer, to become a wrestler, to be a rockstar, and to write for GamesMaster magazine. I started a Bachelor’s degree to learn programming to become a game developer but quickly learned that wasn’t what I was put on this Earth to do, although I do now vicariously live out my dream by creating Fortnite Creative maps.

I briefly took part in wrestling training, and trust me it may be scripted but it isn’t fake, I almost broke my neck on a botched backdrop and quickly ended my training. Since 2007 I have been making music and playing in bands, with two singles being played on BBC Radio in 2017, as well as achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production from Point Blank Music School, and a Master’s degree in Songwriting from Bath Spa University. Unfortunately, GamesMaster magazine shut down just 11 months before I began my writing career, which squashed those dreams, but with the world being in a digital age it made sense to focus on writing for online publications rather than focusing on magazines, so I guess I’m living out at least one of my dreams.

After developing my first blog at just the age of 9 (sadly it no longer exists), I moved away from my aspirations of writing in favor of becoming a musician after beginning to learn guitar at age 12. This became my main focus and I forgot all about writing until I was much older, after having also spent multiple years creating content on YouTube, Twitch, and social media, generating millions of views and thousands of subscribers across numerous channels.

Today, I run numerous blogs and publications including The Click, as well as writing for top outlets in the gaming and entertainment niche including Insider Gaming, GGRecon, Game Rant, RealSport101, and many others. In addition to writing, I am a digital content creator and work with clients across the world to drive new traffic and revenue to their businesses. If you want to work with me you can fill out the form below or click on my Services page for a full list of what I offer.

What I’m Passionate About


The written word is still the main way we consume content online, whether that is from blog posts, product descriptions, or social media posts. Crafting compelling stories and educating people through writing is something that still lights a fire in me after many years and I am excited to bring you the content on this blog to share my passions with you.

Content Creation

Ever since first hitting the record button and creating my first video in 2014, content creation has been a huge part of my life. From covering my favorite songs on guitar to creating content about gaming, I have created thousands of videos, and seeing the story and narrative come together on screen is something I can’t wait to continue doing with this new direction in my life.

Social Media

Over 60% of the global population use social media and that figure will only continue to grow as time goes on. Recently I have discovered a new passion for creating short-form video content for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and you can find me regularly posting about current events and trending topics on X.

Tech and AI

Whether it is the latest gadgets such as computers, TVs, game consoles, and smartwatches, or tech innovations, including cryptocurrency and AI, I always keep up to date with the latest trends with a keen eye for what the future will look like.

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