Editorial Process


Welcome to David Summerbell, a website owned and operated by Click Media Group. Our editorial process is designed to uphold the highest standards of accuracy, transparency, and ethics in delivering content to our readers.

Content Creation

A. Topic Selection

  1. Strategic Alignment: We choose topics aligned with our website’s theme and audience.
  2. User Relevance: Topics are selected based on relevance and interest to our readers.
  3. Keyword Research: We conduct thorough keyword research to optimize content for search engines.

B. Authorship

  1. Expert Contributors: Experienced writers or subject matter experts are assigned to create content.
  2. Quality Control: Editors review and provide feedback to maintain content quality.

C. Originality

  1. Plagiarism Check: All content undergoes a plagiarism check before publication.
  2. Citation: Proper attribution is given for quotes, data, and external sources used in our content.


A. Dedicated Fact-Checkers

  1. Verification Team: We have a dedicated team responsible for fact-checking.
  2. Process: Information is cross-referenced with reputable sources to ensure accuracy.

B. Verification Sources

  1. Reliable References: We use reliable and authoritative sources for fact-checking.
  2. Timeliness: We prioritize using current and up-to-date information in our content.

C. Timeliness

  1. Regular Updates: We strive to provide timely and relevant information to our audience.
  2. Content Review: Periodic reviews are conducted to ensure information remains current.

Copyright Compliance

A. Original Content

  1. Encouragement: Writers are encouraged to create original content for David Summerbell.
  2. Creative Commons: We respect Creative Commons licensing for content sharing.

B. Permissions

  1. Obtaining Permissions: Permission is obtained for any copyrighted material used on our website.
  2. Fair Use: We adhere to fair use guidelines when using copyrighted material.

C. Attribution

  1. Clear Credit: We clearly credit sources and authors for any content used on David Summerbell.
  2. Hyperlinks: Proper hyperlinks are provided to direct readers to the original source.


A. Grammar and Style

  1. Editorial Review: All content undergoes editing for clarity, grammar, and adherence to style guidelines.
  2. Consistency: We ensure a consistent tone and style throughout the website.

Review and Approval

A. Editorial Review

  1. Thorough Review: Editors review content for accuracy, quality, and adherence to guidelines.
  2. Feedback Loop: A feedback loop is maintained between editors and writers to improve content.

B. Legal Review

  1. Compliance Check: Content is reviewed to ensure compliance with legal standards and regulations.
  2. Risk Assessment: Legal experts assess potential legal risks associated with the content.

C. Management Approval

  1. Final Approval: Content receives final approval from Click Media Group before publication.
  2. Strategic Alignment: Ensures alignment with the overall goals and values of Click Media Group.

Ethics and Guidelines

A. Transparency

  1. Disclosure: We transparently disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  2. Affiliate Relationships: Clear disclosure is provided for affiliate relationships in our content.

B. Unbiased Reporting

  1. Objective Perspective: We strive for balanced and unbiased content in all our publications.
  2. Diverse Voices: Multiple perspectives are considered to avoid bias in reporting.

C. Respect for Privacy

  1. Privacy Standards: We respect individuals’ privacy and adhere to ethical standards in our reporting.
  2. Sensitive Information: Personal information is handled with utmost care and in compliance with privacy laws.


A. Correction Policy

  1. Accessible Corrections: We have a clear and accessible correction policy in place.
  2. Prompt Updates: Errors are corrected promptly upon identification.

B. Notification

  1. Clear Communication: Readers are informed of corrections in a clear and timely manner.
  2. Correction Placement: Corrections are prominently placed to ensure visibility.

User Feedback

A. Feedback Channels

  1. Communication Platforms: We provide users with avenues for feedback and engagement.
  2. Responsive Team: Our team actively engages with readers and addresses their concerns professionally.

B. Engagement

  1. Dialogue: We encourage open dialogue with our readers to foster a sense of community.
  2. User-Centric Approach: Reader feedback is valued and considered in our content improvement efforts.

Regular Training

A. Training Sessions

  1. Ongoing Training: Regular training sessions are conducted for the editorial team.
  2. Skill Enhancement: Training focuses on skill enhancement, industry updates, and adherence to guidelines.

B. Updates

  1. Continuous Learning: The team is kept informed about changes in industry standards through regular updates.
  2. Adaptation: Processes are updated based on feedback and evolving industry best practices.

Monitoring and Evaluation

A. Analytics

  1. Performance Monitoring: We monitor website analytics for user engagement and content performance.
  2. Data-Driven Decisions: Analytics data informs content strategy and improvements.

B. Periodic Audits

  1. Quality Assurance: Periodic editorial audits are conducted to ensure quality control.
  2. Feedback Integration: Audit findings are integrated into the continuous improvement process.

C. Feedback Analysis

  1. User-Centric Improvements: User feedback is analyzed to identify areas for improvement in our editorial process.
  2. Iterative Enhancement: Continuous improvement efforts are implemented based on feedback analysis.

Updates to the Editorial Process

Pure Imperium reserves the right to update this Editorial Process at any time. Any changes will be communicated through our website.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our editorial process, please contact us at [email protected].

This policy is effective as of December 18, 2023.